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What is the benefit of Undyed Yarns?

Our yarns are all natural, pure and undyed. We have not altered or modified the yarns through industrial dyeing processes. Industrial dyeing of yarn tends to alter the handle of material; by avoiding this we can ensure the retention of the original soft handle of the yarn. Additionally, not using chemical dying is a lot better for the environment.

Our main business is selling to hand dyers from our yarnundyed brand, consisting of a much larger range of yarns. yarnundyed-knits is a small selection of these yarns that we feel handle just as well, if not better, in their undyed state. This brand has been created with knitters in mind, though this is not to say you couldn't dye your yarn if you so wish!

Yarn Weights

All the yarns have been devised and produced by AC Wood Ltd in standard knitting weights such as Aran, DK, Lace, Chunky, 4ply and 2ply.
The yarns are available by the hank; usually 100gm hanks, though we do sell a few 50gm hanks. It is worth checking the weight, the yarn may seem expensive until you look at how much you are getting for money!

Yarns Available

We have a large range of yarn types; including Baby Alpaca, Fine Kid Mohair, Dehired Yak Fleece, Dehired Camel, Merino, Merino Silk and Bluefaced Leicester.